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Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer and Virtual Fitness Instructor Frankie Carman with his wife Meghan

American Family Fitness for Everyone:

Adult, Senior and Youth Fitness

Physical fitness is a lifestyle. Results come from your hard work via consistency with my personalized workouts, nutrition and meal plans to help you as an Individual achieve your own set of unique fitness goals! Every client has a set of different challenges which makes my job so exciting every single day! I am able to adapt and overcome to everyone's needs!  


I work with clients of all ages and offer the following focuses for each age group: adult fitness, senior fitness, youth fitness, adaptive fitness for previous and current injuries/surgeries/disabilities/pain management and the list keeps growing as the diversification of my client portfolio increases! While I am a Phoenix personal trainer, I also offer virtual fitness classes to help you achieve your fitness goals no matter where you're located to help meet your fitness goals and help with your weight loss journey.

I am all about positive encouragement with a HUGE focus on proper technique and form to help you achieve results without way of injury! I have an amazing advantage when it comes to helping you recover efficiently and overcome any previous injuries as my wife Meghan is the ultimate Physical Therapist and has taught me  everything I know in the mobility and recovery department of my training regiments. ​

My number one goal is to help you achieve the Real Results you're looking for. Everyone is different and has different needs, requiring alternate methods in which I help each individual achieve those goals. This is where I thrive on my ability to create your own personal workouts and personal nutrition plan to equal success!



Exercise Movements Include:

  • Core and Strength Conditioning

  • Body Weight Movements for improving Balance/Stamina/Strength/Agility/Speed

  • Kettle Bell/Dumbbell/Barbell Weight Training

  • Plyometrics

  • Mobility/Stretching/Soft Tissue Release for Proper Recovery/Injury Prevention

  • Running

  • Jumping

  • Pushing

  • Pulling

  • Squats

  • Lunges

  • Cardio 

Our Health & Fitness Services

Our health and fitness plans incorporate fast and slow twitch muscle fibers, core strengthening and stabilization,

along with dynamic multi-joint movements for all fitness levels. Everyone is welcome at Frankie's Fitness!

  • Personal Trainer, Phoenix based

  • Virtual Fitness Classes

  • Mobile Personal Training

  • Pregnancy and Post Partum Fitness

  • Health Coach

  • Functional Fitness

  • Text Neck/Posture Correction

  • Corporate Pain Relief and Injury Prevention Program

  • Fitness Goal Planning

  • Senior Fitness Specialty

  • Kids Fitness 

  • Fat Loss Programs

  • Muscle Building Programs

  • Post Op Recovery, Strengthening and Stability

  • Supplements 

  • Dietary Planning including: Personalized Macro Meal Plans, Calorie Deficit, Paleo Diet, Premier Protein 

  • Personalized Meal Plans for Optimal Health, Weight Loss and Muscle Definition


(480) 322-7804

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