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Why choose Frankie's Fitness..



"No matter how you feel . . .

Get up, dress up, show up. And NEVER GIVE UP!!!"

I will give you 100% all the time in order to achieve 

any fitness goal you may have.

Frank Carman

Owner/ Head Trainer


My Philosophy: 

  My passion for fitness started at a young age and has grown in various forms of exercise including: Martial Arts, Soccer, Lacrosse and CrossFit.

  My goal is to help others achieve their fitness goals in a supportive and awesome atmosphere!!  

  Frankie's Fitness is built on uniting each and every one of us as a community through our struggles to achieve peak levels of fitness by: progress tracking, nutrition education and high intensity training.

  Herein lies the difference between Frankie's Fitness and every other fitness program: Receiving the 1 on 1 attention relative to a personal training session within a small group setting; while delivering a challenging workout that includes many modalities and multi-joint movements. 


  By constantly changing movements allowing for muscle confusion at a level of high intensity, we will focus on optimizing your body's ability to build lean muscle tissue and burn body fat.

  Every movement and workout is scalable to fit each individual's needs no matter where you're at in your journey of fitness.

  So whether you're brand new at getting into shape or a long time veteran looking for something new and exciting that yields real results . . This is the system for YOU!!!!

Frankie's Fitness

Built for Everyone!